The attention of JAYANA’S Management has been drawn to a statement made by Chief Executive Officer of DaveJoy Productions and management team of MP Nation on live radio on Saturday, July 18th 2020.

The CEO of DaveJoy Productions was on record to have said that he owns the right to the new song that both artistes [Jayana and MP Nation] are claiming ownership.

He also stated during the live interview with Light Tv presenter, O B Nartey and host of Power FM’s Entertainment show, Agyemang that he NEVER granted permission to the two artistes to release the song he recorded and produced.

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However, on both radio platforms, DaveJoy admitted to have taken money from both managements to record a song for the artistes.

Moris Akwesi, manager of MP Nation also on live radio claimed his artiste owns the right to the song produced by DaveJoy Productions.

According to him, a member of MP Nation’s management paid DaveJoy an amount of GHc2, 000 to own the song.

Jayana’s management wants to state on record that all statements made by DaveJoy Productions and Management of MP Nation on live radio with regard to the new song are all false and must be treated with contempt.

Recordings of all conversations that ensued between Jayana’s team and DaveJoy/MP Nation would be made available to any individual or media house who would want to ascertain the truth about the matter.

The team has finally decided to take out the TIME song off its track list and focus on her new singles and album to be released in November this year.

Per the copyright infringement law, management of Jayana would want to bring to the notice of DaveJoy Productions and Management of MP Nation to kindly replace Jayana’s recording in MP’s ‘Ebesea’ song with another female artiste recording before continuing with their promotions.

The team wants to state that Jayana’s consent with regards to her voice in MP’s song was not sought after when the said song was released.

Jayana will on July 21, 2020 release her new single which was written and composed by her.

Known in private life as Jemima Annor-Yeboah, JAYANA’S brand has never been noted for controversies.

Her reputable brand has never been part of any negative trends and wants to emphasize that Team Jayana continues to maintain that decent brand.

JAYANA is noted for her mesmerizing and captivating vocal. She is a musician who uses the voice as her instrument, displaying precision and agility, mixed with heartfelt emotion.
Created as an instrument to bless God’s people through worship, Jayana strongly upholds as her credo that as a worker of God she is the salt and light of the world.
Her formative years were spent soaking up the contemporary gospel, and praise and worship.