The Management of Speech Productions wishes to inform the general public of the Change in Name of their Artist “JM de Voice” to “De Voice” due to circumstances beyond our control with one of the main reasons being that the name JM has been politicized and attempts to differentiate or explain the difference proved futile.

Politics divides and as a musician who’s intention is to preach unity the continuous use of the name will be to his disadvantage.

We are through this medium requesting that Joseph Mensah formally known as “JM de Voice” be addressed with his new name “De Voice.”

We regret any inconvenience cause and we would take the necessary steps to update his records.

He is currently in the studio recording a new single titled “Drop It” for his fans to celebrate the Christmas festivities with.

We wish to thank you for your support throughout his music career.

Yours faithfully

Enock Agyepong

For: Speech Production