JM - Hot Girl

After releasing his single “Its So Crazy” which was a conscious tune JM De Voice has released another single called Hot Girl which is a bit explicit on the upcoming album TIMELESS. When asked why the diversion he said he is an artist and as such will do whatever comes to him form above as long as we can learn some good morals from it.

He said we should move from being myopic and look beyond what we really see, lets look beyond the b*tt shaking in the video and get the advise in it. Hot Girl simply advises parent to keep a close look at the upbringing of their children especially the Girl Child because you have no idea what she does when she is alone wit her friends. We are always occupied with work in the search for money to take care of our kids but if care is not taken by the time we make the money the kids will be gone. kids of today are very smart and we need to get closer to them before we can really know them.

Lets spend TIME with them before its late. That’s what I seek to portray. Download the audio here below and check out the trailer for the video as well.

Download Audio : JM De Voice – Hot Girl