JM De Voice (2)


Music as they say is the food to the soul and it can also be used in so many ways but Joseph Mensah popularly known as JM de Voice has used his fifth single “Its so Crazy” on the TIMELESS album to describe the situation around the world as CRAZY.
He gave examples of the Malaysian plane crashing into the ocean without a trace till date also the virus called Ebola which appeared from nowhere and swept away thousands of human lives within months he also spoke about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa where men are taking the lives of their fellow men in the name of nothing.
He even said locally the unending dumsor situation can’t be comprehended and said there is no better way to describe all this than to say “It’s so CRAZY”.

JM De Voice
I do a lot of retrospection and the only way to express myself after that is through my music and when I do I expect the people responsible to take it in good faith because I express them without malice.
Commenting on his new video and location he said, “Every music video location depends on the concept of the song and “it’s so crazy” is no exception the song talks about the hardship the youth man goes through in the system and how the leaders just don’t care, it seeks to depict the craziness in the system”.

JM de Voice hopes to use this song to encourage the youth not to loose hope since the future of every nation depends on the youth. The video is directed by the veteran Kpakpo of LXG. The song is produced by Abe Music and Published by Speech Production.