Josh Blakk, born in Accra, Ghana has always defied limitations. His upbringing has deeply influenced his creative journey. Raised in a Christian home, music became his foundation. He started learning piano at the age of seven and at some point was leading music at church. Despite limited support, he self-taught guitar, flute, and saxophone, composing his songs since age eleven. His talent quickly impressed at talent shows and competitions, leaving audiences awed and with a vision to perform for large crowds, music became his destined path.

Josh’s music blends Afrobeat, soul, and highlife, yet he resists categories, constantly exploring new sounds. His style embodies spontaneity, valuing each song’s unique code. “Luminis,” a project dedicated to his wife, reflects his deep personal connection as he aspires to perform at the Grammys. Josh’s talents shine through his achievements, from Vodafone Icons to representing Ghana in Nigeria’s Project Fame.

Known for his interactive performances, Josh captivates with his vocals and stories. He aims for music that transcends boundaries and has formed the Waakye Band, known for “High Soul,” a fusion of Highlife and Soul Music. Pushing his musical boundaries, he seeks to leave an indelible mark on the industry, introducing new sounds and genres worldwide.