A vibrant Ghanaian taxi driver, Mr. Abbas Kwabena Abbiw has appropriately been winged to the Portuguese Dream and Africa’s Island nation close to the Equator, São Tomé and Principe for an exclusive fully paid 5nights 6days expedition by Kaya Tours Ghana with supports from Tap Portugal Airlines free of charge.

Ghana’s very well accredited travel & tours entity, Kaya Tours Ghana accordingly rendered this superb value to Abbas Kwabena Abbiw for been pronounced as the ultimate winner of the much projected “Kaya Tours Ghana & Tap Portugal Airlines” Campaign.

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The winner of the campiagn left the city of the Accra on today (25.11.2017) to enjoy the natural wonders and refreshing ambiance of São Tomé and Principe, which so happens to be part of the Volcano chain featuring wonderful coal formations, rainforests, striking rocks and amazing beaches. On the larger Island, São Tomé and Principe is the Lagoa Azul lagoon. The iconic Ôbo Natural Park, o biodiverse jungle preserve that covers much of island nation can be sight.

Abbas Abbiw upon this expensive 5star trip will spend most of his time touring historical and adventurous sites, counting from the Sam Nicolao Waterfall and Rolas Islands among many others whilst living like a king of the islands at the famous prestigious Pestana Hotel with fat breakfast inclusive.

Kaya Tours Ghana’s pride is to supply thrilling tour packages this forthcoming 2018 exclusively as winner of the Campaign, supported by Tap Portugal is expected to return from his delightful Sao Tome experience Next Week.

Media units, travel reporters, blogger and travel influencers have been charged by the head official of Kaya Tours Ghana, Abeiku Santana at the point of Abbiw Kwabena Abbas’s departure to capitalize on their esteemed portals and platforms to endorse the Tourism – The biggest Socio-Economic sector, which gaps all other sectors for Economic growth.