SM4 Front

“They are just different” a fan confessed. One of the best Hiphop families in Ghana, KCMG is out with “Stolen Music 4”. The mixtape features Klu, Jae Ghost, Shardey, Manny FBC, Kwame Jhosef and Twyce. They define what Hiphop is about.




Trill (Twyce,Kwame Jhosef & Klu)
Pass Out (Klu,Jae Ghost & Kwame Jhosef Featuring Edi Young)
Versace (Klu)
Guap (Kwame Jhosef)
Obaa Bra (Shardey)
Baddest Gyal (Lets Go There)[Klu,Jae Ghost Featuring Mr Eazi Major x & Edi Young]
Want More (Shardey Featuing Klu)
Chaskeley (Klu Featuring Mr Eazi)
E Dey Pain Me (Manny FBC)
Dont Judge Me (Twyce)
Dont Judge Me (Twyce)
Havoc (Jae Ghost)
U.O.E.N.O (Klu Kwame Jhosef & Jae Ghost)
No Longtin (Twyce,Klu & Jae Ghost)
5 Am In Adenta (Twyce,Kwame Jhosef,Jae Ghost)