Accra, June 30, 2020 – Kensah ushers audiophiles into his world of music with two singles, the first of which is ‘Gum Body’. The spanking new Afrobeat record sits gracefully atop a Mykah production which does well to capture its cosy atmosphere. ‘Gum Body’ is undisputedly one for lovers and as such is filled with some sultry innuendos; all of which play off in a very subtle way. It is definitely one to bring two together in the many cold nights ahead.
‘Tattoo’ takes the form of Kensah’s second single. Unlike the former, ‘Tattoo’ debuts with some eye-catching visuals (but more on that later) and follows in the guise of romantic undertones set in ‘Gum Body’. Produced by Chris Beats, ‘Tattoo’ comes off as bright and punchy, with many of its lyrics praising or lending a voice of assurance to the damsel in question. Video-wise, shots are crisp and vivid, with scenes from a swanky apartment enjoying most of the screen time.
Popularly known as Kensah, Michael Acheampong is a Ghanaian artist based in New Jersey, USA. Growing up in South Suntreso (Kumasi), a younger Michael was an avid lover of music, going on to record his first song at the age of 16 – with a chunk of his school fees.
Steady rising to fame, Kensah feels mainstream Ghanaian music has reached its peak and the age of indie artists is here. He believes the Ghanaian audience is now open to more, making it the right time for upcoming talented acts like himself to get a taste of the limelight.
Kensah’s ‘Gum Body’ and ‘Tattoo’ have all the appeal to capture music enthusiasts and are to serve as cornerstones for the acts upcoming releases. Stream ‘Gum Body’ here: