Enock Agyapong
Enock Agyapong

Weird mentality is the malfunction we are living with and like our enslaved forefathers we have been affected by the attitude of divide and rule and now pull him down is the order of the day.

The only time the black man thinks he is up is when he sees his fellow black man down in fact if he sees his white man down he will raise him up but will step on his brother who is already down but that is not the subject matter for discussion.

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Today we are talking about death and how we Glorify the dead.
We love the dead so much as if we never hated the living.
We live in a society where we can put the dead in a refrigerator for months just to wait for one family member who can only come home from abroad when he is on leave. Some even come down for the funeral and when they return hold another one just to console those who could not afford the ticket to come home and Cry.
We waste so much on funerals that some people even get arrested for loans they could not pay back months after burying their dead.
One insurance policy that fascinates me is the funeral policy where you have to save some money so you to bury your parents in a grand style and trust me people go in for that policy more than the policy to pay your children school fees.

Due to the aftermath of funerals there have been various calls from the elderly for people to spend less when it comes to funerals but it seems the glorification of the dead is an implant in us.

I remember when the former Prez, Prez Mills died the whole activities in the country came to a Hault which was quite understandable since he was a sitting president. Fast forward to when the Ashanti king lost his Mum the whole of Ashanti region went mute and they even had days when no one had to go out in the night ie curfew when there had been no coup detat.
I remember Daddy Lumba had to cancel a gig he had arranged with joy daddy and that was it.
Then we lost a Soldier by the name Mahama to galamsey and throughout that week no proper activity went on until he was buried.
The shocking part was he was not well protected when he was alive but after his death a lot of people were arrested and some still in remand as at today.

We have lost celebrities as well some who have had state burials and the shocking part is some celebrities wanting to die now so they can also have state burials.

Fast forward to today and we are having a 15days funeral celebration for the mother of the Ashantihene who died a years ago.
Come this weekend too we will be burying one of our own KABA and I know every activity will definitely come to a stand still while various TV and Radio stations broadcast it live.

I am not against funerals but my wish is that activities will go on since the rest of the world will not stop for us to bury our dead.

We keep complaining of the number of holidays we have yet we keep adding more to the already existing ones not to talk of the unofficial ones and this only increases non productivity.

The bible says Let the dead bury the dead but if we wont listen to the bible then let us learn from the moslems who will bury the dead just the next day after its departure.

Our culture can’t be only portrayed by funerals but by caring for the living before their departure.

Let’s not get offended by this write up in fact correct moi if am wrong but let’s give it a peaceful thought and we will be saving ourselves great hours of productivity.