King Dum


Ragga & Beats is a song that hit in Europe during the summer 2013. It did not play that much in Ghana as at that time, it was not easily accessible.


Now it is being re-released in Ghana in an unique EP title by the same name “Ragga & Beats”.


Ragga & Beats is mainly a song of praise. It is an example of the new style of gospel music that King Dum is proposing and which will be a key element of his new album.


Along with this ‘Ragga & Beats’, in King Dum´s first EP we find another powerful song  “What women Can Do” with a featuring of Piesie Dwaabz.


These two tracks are going to be part of King Dum´s upcoming album expected to be launched in January 2016.


The EP is already available in all major online stores and online streaming stores:

Itunes, Spotify, Deezer


King Dum – Ragga & Beats [DOWNLOAD]



About King Dum


Lyrikal King Dum is a Dancehall artist from Ghana.


He started composing his own music and performing at Junior High School in Cape Coast.

In senior High school with Tredeii Music Band and Terror Cliq, he introduced the Ragga genre in Western Ghana, becoming a leading youth band in the region.


Now, as a solo artist, he is proving to be an extremely versatile artists, composing, producing and performing very innovative african Dancehall, Reggae, Highlife and Pop-Gospel music


His influences are very diverse ranging from great Reggae and Dancehall artist like Bob Marley, Shaggy and Sean Paul Music to classical Afrobeat musicians as Fela Kuti.


Aside of his music career King Dum he is a committed and passionate Pan-Africanist. In 2011 he co-founded the African Youth Guild (AYG),  Pan-Africanist Youth organization producing business, educational and cultural activities to promote the youth and the Panafrican vision.