UK based Ghanaian artiste, King Love Isaac, who has returned home “Ghana” from the UK to continue his music career, has released his latest music project, a single titled “mensomobo” which is enjoying massive airplay on radio stations across the country.

King Isaac’s single is available on many digital downloads platforms including Amazon Music, Spotify, Hits Beat, iTunes, Hotmusic Prod and many others. “Mensomobo” is a word from the Ghanaian local dialect which simply means I like you.

“Mensomobo is a love song. The song is here to ease the burden of both men and women who find it extremely difficult to approach a lady, talk less of proposing to their “crush”. Basically it is a song everyone can relate to. So i urge you all to download “Mensomobo” and listen. The lyrics of the song is also very self-explanatory” He said.

Mensomobo features Lyrical Rapper and Papa Kwabina. KING LOVE ISAAC urged Ghanaians to patronize his music and also disclosed that his album will be launched in December.