KJ - Energy
KJ – Energy

As an independent Ghanaian Afrosoul artiste, Kj. ( Kojo Dwumfour-Poku) takes inspiration from Saint Jhn, 6lack and Asa to form a sound that is uniquely him. He has released countless collaborations with small up and coming artistes as well as his first Ep entitled- “People’s Man” which detailed his journey through love and failed relationships. Using his experiences that were hard earned he’s now preparing to release his second Ep “Havana After Dark( H.A.D)” which presents a melting pot of Ghanaian and Cuban culture, the latter of which he has been steeped in as a medical student studying abroad juggling music , love and depression. One such single off the EP, is that of “Energy”, an intoxicating blend of Afro soul and beats that lead the listener on a journey of justification of infidelity and responsibility to ones partner as it details a previous entrapment in which he tried fruitlessly to overlook his relationship for another woman. His ability as a songwriter comes not only from his recollections of growing up in Accra but also through the musical influence of his Grandmother, a brilliant songwriter in her own right, who introduced him to music at the early age of 5 through the launch of her gospel music album “Bie Kwan” . From that point forward music become a integral part of him that sadly became neglected as he was forced to choose his studies as he pursued a career in medicine which eventually led him to Cuba. It was there that his love for music was reignited as he began to truly understand his calling as a songwriter and learned to balance his studies and his passion. The name Kj. as spelt with the period at the end signifies that this is the truest version of himself with no flair or embellishment period! He expresses himself through music as raw and honestly as he can using it as his own personal form of therapy. His experiences are universal and eventually his songs will be worldwide as he writes about emotions that we’ve all shared and gone through. That’s why he’s KJ. for the soul. Check out “Energy” here.

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