KJ - Havana After Dark
KJ – Havana After Dark


In just under two years, Ghanian singer-songwriter KJ. has amassed a worldwide following with the beginning of his solo career in 2021 with the release of his debut Ep, “People’s Man,” an amalgamation of his experiences with love and loss which spoke to his audience as he stylistically and expertly weaved a tale of romantic involvement, infidelity, waning interest and eventual breakup of a relationship.

His continued popularity is owed to the discussion of topics that plague us all as human beings, which he further explores with his second long awaited EP. , “Havana after Dark,” a cultural melting pot that details his struggle with feelings of hopelessness, low self esteem and depression as someone torn between two paths.

The creative choices for this Ep. showcase the influence of Cuban culture in his journey both as a person as well as an artist, with the album art being one of the first photos that he took in Havana of the infamous vintage cars with just a hint of the culturally renowned ‘Capitolio’ in the background. With its mixture of red and pink tones it embodies the feeling of wonder and loneliness that one feels in a place as magical as Havana where there is someone for everyone but most end up alone.

Produced by Sei and sound engineered Daniel Dovale Martinez, “Havana After Dark, “ promises to be another ep that speaks to each listener with concepts that they can relate to as KJ. reflects on his journey to self discovery and who he is as an artiste. Tune in and experience the discovery with us.

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