KJ - People's Man EP
KJ – People’s Man EP



Emmanuel Dwumfour-poku (KJ) is a Ghanaian born artist who although initially pursing music dedicated his life and career to medicine. His interest in music was never something that just began, but rather something that has always been. His earliest memory being turning childlike rhymes into songs but sadly he felt he wasn’t able to do it justice and turned away. He returned to music after a series of unfortunate relationships and later finding his current partner, there he discovered the inspiration to do what he wasn’t able to do before, write music. He wrote ‘People’s Man’, the name a play on words, one part based on the Jamaican patois-based nickname he obtained as a player whilst the bigger part was named with the aim of speaking for the people. He hoped to express through this ep the emotions of those who weren’t able to express it themselves.


KJ – People’s Man EP [Download]

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