Knii Lante explains the rationale behind his soon to be dropped single “52 Ambulances” featuring Blakk Rasta
As a doctor (and singer) , I guess I am often far removed from the sufferings “ordinary people” feel when they attend hospitals . When you add the hustle of how they manage to even get to the hospital then that is another matter. I ( by virtue of being a doctor ) can walk into any hospital at any time and just by mentioning my name and profession I would probably be given some form of protocol treatment .
Two weeks ago I went jogging and met my friend Michael on the way . We got into a conversation and it was then that he alerted me that we had only 52 working ambulances in the National Ambulance service . Then my mind went back to the issue of the inadequacy of ambulances in our system. I have tried since then to have a rough idea of government or state and para-statal V8 and luxury vehicles we have cruising around ( Not forgetting the saga of parked new Gallopers that are rotting away at one of our ministries ) . My mind also went back to the apology of hundreds of non-equipped “ambulances” we wasted money on importing a few years ago .
Then three weeks ago I was in the hospital when a girl was rushed in a cab . She had fallen off a motor-bike and a car following had allegedly passed over her. There were accusations and counter accusations being thrown left and right by those who had rushed her in and the whole place was just confusion as we ( the medical team around ) struggled to focus.
After stabilizing her at the hospital I work at , she needed to be moved to a critical care unit in another hospital . That is when I had the disturbingly close experience . Here was a girl on our hands who had serious wounds ( near fatal ) and needed to be transported in a specialized way to another hospital . It took us almost an hour to get an ambulance . The whole experience was hell !
Eventually she got to the critical care unit and at the last check I hear she was recovering . It was a scare . I got home at 5am .
That morning I couldn’t sleep and before I knew it I had started channeling my pent up emotions of frustration, anxiety and shock to write the song …. “52 Ambulances “ .
Never again, I thought , must this experience happen to us at the hospital and also to the ordinary people of Ghana whose blood and sweat generates majority of this nation’s wealth.
At this time , don’t we have more of a need for a well resourced ambulance service to save people’s lives, than luxury vehicles and V8s ?
Na so we think …. Aso we sing !!!!!
Song drops on 1st November 2018…….