Knii Lante - Humanity (Prod by DatBeatGod)
Knii Lante – Humanity (Prod by DatBeatGod)nte


Internationally-acclaimed Singer and Medical Doctor, Knii Lante has again shown his impressive talent with his latest musical composition titled ‘Humanity’, in which he pays homage to all frontline workers who are working hard to save lives during this pandemic. Knii Lante, who is also currently contributing to Ghana’s fight against Covid-19 on the medical front which goes to show his versatility and dedication.

‘Humanity’ is an original song of appreciation, tribute, upliftment for all the healthcare and other workers in the frontline of the fight against COVID. The single is a 3-minute long sober anthem, with African Afrobeat, R&B and Reggae influences, voiced in English. The highlights of the song are its apt lyrics, Knii’s clear and emotionally delivered vocals, the call and response chants of thanks and a good song production by DatBeatgod. It has already been endorsed by many doctors, nurses and laboratory work staff who had the chance to listen to the preview.

The Singa-Doc as he is known by his fans, Knii Lante has proven again that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to composing songs with meaningful lyrics in Ghana. ‘Humanity’ looks poised to become the official anthem for the fight against Covid-19 in Ghana and beyond and how fitting for it to be a song written and sang by a medical doctor.

Knii Lante – Humanity (Prod by DatBeatGod) [DOWNLOAD]