Knii Lante
Knii Lante


Celebrated Ghanaian musician, Knii Lante, has just dropped a brand new single that’s bound to get you grooving this holiday season.

Titled ‘Celebration,’ this track is like an anthem that will keep you moving not just during the Yuletide, but way beyond. Brace yourselves, because Knii Lante, in true fashion, has not disappointed with this one!

The award-winning musician is calling on all of Africa and the entire universe to join in celebration, celebrating everything there is to life.

‘Celebration’ is an Afrobeat track produced by the popular producer Genuis Selection with perfect vocals laid by Knii Lante.

When it comes to delivering infectious and catchy melodies, Knii Lante knows how to hit the mark. ‘Celebration’ is no exception. From the moment you press play, prepare to be captivated by the rhythm. The energy in this song is electric, making it impossible to resist the urge to dance along. Add it to your playlist, and you are guaranteed to put it on repeat all night long!

One of the things that sets Knii Lante apart from the crowd is his soulful and distinct vocals. This new single showcases his talent beautifully. With each note he hits, Knii Lante effortlessly brings depth and emotion to the song. His smooth delivery and powerful range will leave you in awe. Get ready for a musical experience like no other.

While ‘Celebration’ is undoubtedly a song that will get you on your feet, it’s not just about the beats. The lyrics are equally inspiring and uplifting. Knii Lante has a way with words that speaks to the heart. Through his lyrics, he encourages listeners to let go of worries and embrace the joy of celebration. It’s the perfect reminder for us all to take a break, let loose, and enjoy life’s little moments.

With the holiday season fast approaching, there couldn’t be a better time for ‘Celebration’ to grace our ears. This single will undoubtedly become the soundtrack to your festive fun. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party, spending quality time with loved ones, or simply in need of some musical cheer, Knii Lante’s latest track has got you covered.

Knii Lante’s ‘Celebration’ is a delightful addition to his impressive discography.

Listen to ‘Celebration’ below


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