Fast rising Ghanaian duo, Sharkysona (Benjamin Addo) and Mr Wilson (Gordon Wilson) have proven anything is attainable if you keep working on your goals and aspirations.
The duo started off as two solo acts but after several meetings in various studios and shows, the two became fans of each other’s work and later decided to work together on a common goal.
“We were good friends and big fans of ourselves before merging as a musical duo. We believed coming together would be a perfect combination to hit the music market.” Sona disclosed in an interview.

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“Many people doubted us when we said we were going to pursue this music thing and that included some close family members because they felt other groups had split in no time in an attempt to pursue a common goal but we believe we can be the exception.” Mr Wilson added.
“I kind of understood their fears because their doubt was based on the fact that they cared about us but I have also come to the realization that the people that care about you can sometimes talk you out of pursuing your dreams.” Sona concluded.
Kobo Afrika started recording in 2014 and have released great records since they made their official debut as a group in 2013.
Currently signed to one of Ghana’s finest record labels Ish Records, Kobo Afrika believes they possess the sound and melodies that will surely capture the hearts of many on the continent and abroad.
“We are at a point where nothing else matters but our music. Many believed we were good as solo acts and could easily make a career as individuals but we agreed to come together instead because of the deep joy it brings us as a unit. We’re not going to allow society’s messaging to box us into being just exactly what they expect to see. We are looking to work on things we are passionate about and make a mark.”
Kobo Afrika is managed by Ish Records and gravitates towards sounds including Afrobeat, Afropop, Reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and pop.
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