Known for his songwriting prowess Ghanaian singer/rapper Kofi Kinaata released his highly anticipated single ‘Adam and Eve’ and the song didn’t disappoint. The accompanying video directed by Babs Direction (Who has also worked with Sarkodie, R2bees and other A list artistes), has received a lot of positive reviews from fans and critics alike.
Director Awudu Musa aka Babs Direction

The only other video which has given me an ‘eye-gasm’ in recent time like Kinaata’s Adam and Eve was Ayat’s Nicol Sey directed ‘Guda’ video. Initially as the video came, I didn’t pay critical attention to it, but before I went to bed, I took my time to watch the video and her are 4 messages I got from the video.

In the early parts of the video, the highlight is on suicide, where Kinaata is seen saving his love interest from committing suicide. That part shows how depression can tend to give one, suicidal thoughts but when they have someone to rely on or listen to them, such people tend to not feel lonely again and let go of taking their own lives.

WATCH FULL VIDEO: Kofi Kinaata – Adam & Eve (Official Video)

The scenes after that shows how important family is to us. Family is the back bone of a person life; a happy family means a happy person. The video also highlights how love can heal all wounds. A relationship will go through different stages of good and bad times, but if the love for one another is genuine, love will prevail in the end.

Also, parts of the video show how love knows no age, as you can see the old men and women still expressing their love for one another even in their advanced age.

Lastly, the video teaches us to let go of the past instead of hording issues and bottling emotions. It also teaches us to move on in life. At the end of the video Kinaata and the Lady were shown burning all the items that weighed the girl down.

Kudos to Babs Direction and Kinaata for such a wonderful video, in terms of Quality and direction but we would like to know the genesis of the story though. Don’t blame me for wanting more, you can call me Oliver Twist.

Story By: Muse NYB