“Your Direction Separates You From the Boys”, Kojo Antwi to Okyeame Kwame

The popular axiom, ‘separates the boys from the men’ will be holding true for Okyeame Kwame with an acknowledgement coming from ace music maestro, Kojo Antwi.

The international award-winning Ghanaian Afropop, Highlife and reggae artiste, affectionately known as the “Music Man” cries aloud over the springing up of ‘abstract’ songs that are more commerce-friendly than quality.

Some songs I heard from you, your collaborations, your direction…the variety separates you from the boys“, he admitted.

“You feel the variety in the music…and brings you out as been refined”.

With over 20 albums to his credit, the seasoned artiste holds the opinion that the current Ghanaian system lacks varieties but rather dominates on trends.  Kojo Antwi however applauds Okyeame Kwame as inspiring creative difference by beating the odds and ‘sticking to his guts”.

Recounting the journey from “Mesan Aba” to his recent releases, he expresses his respect to the versatile rapper as having stood the test of time and maintained a sense of originality.

The “Tom and Jerry” hitmaker is arguably one of the biggest legendary music icons in Ghana. He received the West African Tourism Award, All Africa Music Awards, Kora Awards, Ghana Music Awards and many to mention but a few.

BY: Patrick Fynn