Kojo Kombolo


KOJO KOMBOLO drops a sizzling hot single with a fiery message which will by any means necessary set this nepotist industry ablaze and disturb the conscience of many an entertainment elite. This single, “Maaka Maaka“, is indeed a fierce, uncontrallable sound force.

Yes!, “Maaka Maaka” is clearly a judgemental piece and its intense Mosaic zeal will spark an Exodus that will uprise this Pharoahic music industry and bruttally raze down the rot, ills, prejudice, nepotism, barricades and the saboteurs that rob message artistes of their mainstream shine and fair share.

With the song’s indignant lyrics, it’s no surprise KOJO KOMBOLO is identified with the mystical alpha-numeral RRR777, whose meaning ranks high among the top sacred esotric codes.
A true depiction of LIGHT, he is.

Kojo Kombolo – Maaka Maka [DOWNLOAD]