Each genre of music has its dominant art message. The same way blues had messages of down moments and pop music with party vibes, reggae n Dancehall is what we used to turn to for positive messages. Can we say that about the genre now in Ghana?

The genres artists who started getting massive listeners attention from recent years seem to have let those of us who seek the real core of the art of this genre down.

With the trend of violent diss, bragging and sex messages in the current artists music, the genre has now become what u want hear when you are ignorant, violent, horny or just a party head. Not being harsh but rather true.

One artist though who seems to have remained true to the original core of the art is Kojo Kombolo. Yes he has really cool tunes you want to dance to but his music is the type u can listen whiles with others u can just hear but not necessarily listen.

His new single explains a lot since it makes obvious evidence he doesn’t want to be identified in the current trend. I can’t speak for everyone but for some who don’t want to hear but want something to listen to, Kojo’s new single is an absolute green light. dancehall or ragga muFfin? You will have to hear this tune to get the angle this article is coming from

Kojo Kombolo – Ragamufin (Killa Riddim)