American rapper DoZay has given a shout out to YFM’s DJ Champagne in two of his newly released songs.
He remarked the DJ in his song ‘Love You Long’ – which features Jamaican-American rapper, singer and songwriter, Sean Kingston; a song which is gaining international recognition steadily.
In the intro of the song, DoZay said “Yoo what’s good? This is your boy DoZay. DJ Champagne I see ya. All the way from Los Angeles, California to Ghana. Yo, we out here baby. This is my brand new single featuring Sean Kingston called ‘Love you long’. Konvict Muzik in the building.”
The West Coast artiste also gave the “Radio DJ of the Year 2012”, DJ Champagne some mentions on his ‘Freaks’ track. “Chilling with DJ Champagne, all we do is go in. Two girls each, so that means I’m bringing four in. I’m in the mix and I’m chilling with DJ Champagne,” he said.