All looks set and gunning for Ghanaian rapper, Koo Ntakra and Nigerian Actress/Film maker, Fatimah Adeoye as the latest celebrity couples to tie the knot after the gorgeous actress accepted the hitmaker’s proposal to marry her.

The ‘Aliyah’ star and film maker, Fatimah surprised everyone especially her fans on her Instagram page when she romantically agreed to the proposal of the former MTN Hitmaker champ in what looks like a secret relationship finally let out of the bag.

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But it is yet to be really confirmed by both stars even though pictures of them together seen at an event previously circulated online.

Is this another Ghana – Naija couple in the making? Well we wait to see the fall out in the coming months. Meanwhile, the Akwapem rapper is reading another controversial hit single titled ‘Krom AYESHI’ which according to sources might hit hard on the state of corruption and governance in the country in the wake of Anas’ exposer.