Kwaku Sakyi - Gratitude (ESO Meni)
Kwaku Sakyi – Gratitude (ESO Meni)

He is gifted with skills of songwriting, arranging. His songs are truly scripture based and soul inspiring He is a performer and youth Pastor and again counsellor.

Kwaku Sakyi has a brand new song titled Gratitude(ESO Meni).This song came according to him from the numerous countless goodness of the Lord he has seen in his life and that of others around him.

His anchor scripture is taken from Luke 17:17-18 which emphasises on a grateful leper who has just been healed who came back to thank Jesus for healing him.Through that act the Bible says he was made whole.

Kwaku Sakyi wants all to continue to show appreciation unto the good Lord for every little thing he does for them.
He says “been grateful open doors for new miracles in ones life”

Kwaku Sakyi is very passionate about music and has a unique way of sending his messages across to the masses. Very inspiring and touching song of worship for everyone who want to tell the world what God has done for him or her. Sing unto the name of the Lord , the “Gratitude”. Kindly take a listen below

Kwaku Sakyi – Gratitude (ESO Meni) [DOWNLOAD]