Ghanaian indigenous band Kwan Pa is finally releasing their long awaited debut Ep title ” Palm Wine Music”.

Palm Wine Music, comprises of a six fresh track, Mr. Traveller, Culinary Battle, Gyato, Ice Water, Aduane Nyina, Immediate Effect and is being called a masterpiece of traditional contemporary music!


Kwan Pa, a multiple award winning, thriving dynamic indigenous band in Ghana that performs and promotes indigenous music of Africa in various forms. Kwan Pa believes in the assertion that Africa has a very rich music culture which is worth flaunting to the world. They believe that traditional African music is never outdated or perhaps irrelevant as some people may perceive it to be.

Kwan Pa’s exciting African Music journey begun 5 years ago, and since then have performed all over Ghana. Kwan Pa create and perform a genre of African indigenous music called Palm Wine music which incorporates intricate but thrilling chords with the art of storytelling to create a journey in music and thought. The rhythm include the Guitar and Seprewa (Indigenous harp-lute) all superimposed on different harmonies which also include Highlife and Adowa rhythms. These are emphasized by additional percussions.

Kwan Pa currently performs with instruments including Seperewa (Ghanaian Harp-lute), Dawuta (Twin bell), Ntorwa (Big rattle), Kpanlogo drums, Djembe drum, Gome (Frame drums) and the Guitar, among others.

Palm Wine Ep can be found on all streaming music platforms including apple music, Spotify, Boomplay, AudioMack, Deezer, Tidal among others.

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