Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese about a couple of days ago took a swipe at Shatta Wale, calling him a hypocrite. Some one who doesn’t practice what he preaches.
“Shatta always talking about unity but still dissing your colleagues, masa be straight!!!!”, he tweeted.
This comes on the back of a statement made by Shatta Wale on Hitz FM that he was unhappy about the fact that Sarkodie did not take part in the video shoot for ‘Megye Wo Girl,’ a song he featured the rapper on.
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He noted that Sarkodie would rather feature in the videos of Nigerian artistes but would decline to do same for his fellow Ghanaian musicians.
He then stated that because of what Sarkodie did to him, he would charge him for any feature he requests for.
While some have considered Shatta’s words as one of his usual stunts, others believe he really means his words and possibly has a thing against Sarkodie.
Well, Shatta came out to respond subtly to Kwaw Kese’s tweet. In a live video on Facebook, he noted that what he wants to let Ghanaian musicians know is the concept of SURVIVAL.
And that what he wants them to understand is, they should stop deceiving their fans. If indeed, they’re reaping something out of music, then it should be shown off so that the fans can be motivated.
Not that they would come on TV and radio and be talking about recognition from here and there whiles they have no money in their pockets.
Shatta didn’t mention Kwaw’s name but he said that if his comments are making some people (Kwaw) to go and write any ‘foolish’ thing on their own, he (Shatta) doesn’t care and will never change to please anyone. His aim is to see the YOUTH prosper and that he wants to fight for the next generation of musicians.
Well, Kwaw obviously saw Shatta’s live video and having seen that Shatta didn’t really understand his tweet, Kwaw made another tweet again saying Shatta is a chicken for not understanding him.
He said that he can also do a video attacking him (Shatta) but it is needless. So he (Shatta) should stop behaving like a third world artiste.
We’ll keep our fingers clenched and see what Shatta would say in reply.
Watch his new video here: