Kwesoul - Obolobo
Kwesoul – Obolobo

In the sprawling landscape of Afrobeats, where mammoth beats often overshadow the subtler rhythms, emerges the undying pulse of Kwesoul. For over a decade, he’s been crafting music imbued with authenticity, preferring the genuine heartbeats of the genre over the flashy allure of mainstream trends. His latest IG music video is a vivid tapestry of rich African aesthetics and infectious rhythms, showcasing his dedication to the art and reminding us of the raw, untouched beauty of Afrobeat.


For those in search of genuine, soul-stirring music, Kwesoul Drops OBOLOBO  a treasure trove tune waiting to be discovered. As the rhythm flows and colors dance, let’s amplify the voices that deserve the limelight and remember that sometimes the most resonant melodies come from the unsung heroes of music.

Kwesoul – Obolobo [Download]



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