L.J is out with his maiden Hip Hop Album set to cut across our borders, the diaspora and beyound.
HIP HOP as a Nation and has fans all across the globe. In Ghana Hip hop is recognised and as such Hip hop songs and artistes are awarded for their hard work annually at the various award schemes in the country.
This Genre of music that allows the fluency of words in a dialogue that makes sense, educates the youth about the world we live in and also as a meduim for the young ones to express their grievances to the authorities in society is the same power that INSPIRED the man and the team behind the Brand Lyrical Joe A.K.A L.J to push the culture forward to the limits where English- Pidgin Hip-hop from Ghana will be recognized globally as those from other African countries.
Boom Entertainment has being in existence since 2011 and have had the opportunity of working with a couple of celebrities in Ghana and beyound. Boom Entertainment has in the past and still is part of Youth Web Ghana and Global Ovations.
These in many ways goes to show how much Mr. Boateng the founder and C.E.O of Boom Entertainment and owner of Ghallatrava records believes in the youth of today. His love for the youth and the desire to help them achieve their goals is the reason we are here today to witness a never thought talent here in Ghana. His love for Hip hop made him a sucker for real Talents and thats how come “KING IN LIMELIGHT’s ” composer , writer performer Lyrical Joe A.K.A L.J is a product and brand of Boom Entertainment’s own Ghalatrava Records and also the poster child for the next Millennium you will soon know why it is so…
Fellow Media persons guests hip hop fans we are gathered here to Launch L.J’s Maiden Hip Hop Album Called KILL an abbreviation deduced by Lyrical Joe as KING IN LIME LIGHT .
The Album has twenty five songs all written and performed by Lyrical Joe of course with the help of a team he is glad and grateful to have.
Most of the songs were recorded here in Accra Ghana at Ghallatrava Studios situated within the Boom Entertainment Premises at Haatso. All tracks were produced mixed and Mastered by DDT Phredxter Master Gazy and Force beat with Ghana Boy being the only tracked mastered by UBeat.
TODAY Lyrical Joe a versatile energetic Ballasimo Fontasique musician who is diversed and gifted with this act Meets the press in a hip hop way that I believe has never being heard or seen before.
Ladies And Gentlemen this is the ROAD TO KILL Album enjoy