In the vibrant intersection of visual artistry and the music and movie industry, few digital creators have managed to carve a niche as distinct and captivating as Fred Selorm Ntumy-Gibson.
Renowned for his exceptional talent in crafting breathtaking cover art and producing stunning brand photography, Fred has become a pivotal figure in defining the aesthetic narrative for many music artists. Their work seamlessly blends creativity with technical prowess, resulting in visuals that not only complement the music but also elevate the overall artistic experience.
Fred Selorm Ntumy-Gibson is a multihyphenate digital creator with over 7 years of extensive experience in Photography, Cinematography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Animation.
Renowned for his exceptional design skills and knack for thinking outside the box, he is affectionately known as ‘Creativefred.’ With a keen intuitive sense and a high problem-solving ability, Fred has caught the attention of numerous brands in the entertainment and fashion industries, including Ghana Music Awards UK, DMV Party in the Park, Vlisco, and Tama Cosmetics, among others.
He is currently one of the creative heads for Ghana Music Awards UK. Fred has also been the digital content creator for the DMV Party in the Park event for a consecutive 3 years.
Fred has also worked on company projects and personal branding portfolios for music artistes, on-air personalities, and actors such as Nanky, Daddy Lumba, Baci (Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2014 winner), AJ Sarpong, Blaque Boy, DWP Academy, A Mar Dream (Deadpeepol), Tama Cosmetics to mention a few.

“My true purpose as a digital creator is to bring creativity, authenticity, and engagement to the projects I undertake, regardless of the client or industry. Whether I’m working with corporate brands, music artists, on-air personalities, or actors, my goal remains the same: to tell compelling stories, evoke emotions, and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. I strive to amplify the unique voice and message of each client while staying true to my own creative vision, ultimately delivering content that resonates and leaves a lasting impact,” Fred said in an interview with Zionfelix TV.
His fast-learning ability makes him adaptable to any creative environment, and he has recently developed a passion for writing. He is currently one of the entertainment writers for Tru News Report.