Former manager of the late Vybrant Faya, Mr Logic says he is in constant fear for his life following some incidence which happened during the burial and final funeral rites of his artiste.

Reports suggest there were gunshots at the funeral grounds and at the cemetery by unknown faces which got some people scared.

Mr Logic in an interview with Sammy Flex on AM Pluzz, Monday recounted he was verbally abused by some people who came to the funeral grounds.

“I was talking to Cypher at the other side of the road. On my return, I saw a convoy driving out. The last vehicle was a 207 bus with a set of boys insulting and threatening me. I didn’t know who they were so I was surprised,” he said.

When asked why he did not go to the cemetery when he was in charge of the funeral arrangement, Mr. Logic said a voice he believes was Vybrant Faya’s cautioned him not to. However, he did what was supposed to be done to bid his late artiste farewell.

“I went to read the tribute in the church… Before I came out of the church, I stood by his corpse, took my hat and gave him my last respect. When I was leaving the church, I felt he [Vybrant Faya] was right by my side. I went straight and sat in the car. Before they took the body, I started hearing voices, ‘Don’t go to the cemetery, don’t go to the cemetery, don’t go to the cemetery’. So I called his brother. I gave him whatever I was going to part with Vybrant Faya and told him to go drop it in the grave and tell Vybrant Faya I couldn’t be there because of the voice I was hearing,” he said.

On whether he feels threatened, Mr Logic replied in the affirmative, citing that someone cautioned him to leave the grounds before sunset so he drove off.

“Yes, I feel so and as I’m talking to you, I’m on way to the police headquarters to report few threats on my life… People are seeking to hurt me. I feel threatened. I can’t lie about that,” he mentioned.

Vybrant Faya died on Sunday, October 23, 2016 after he was reportedly involved in a motor accident close to the Accra Mall.