Times and Season
Times and Season

Speechnation Records has released its first body of work for 2024. The oeuvre dubbed “Times and SZNs” is a five-track Hip-hop Extended Play. The project as headlined by seasoned entertainer, Jagonzy features promising artistes, Tapolin and Escobaby.

“Times and SZNs” is a project that highlights the importance of feelings and emotions. Painting a picture of how, when, and why we should extend ourselves grace to handle and overcome the many emotions and feelings of life.

Times & SZNs utilizes artistry to appeal to listeners’ emotions, across all cultures.

Reverencing the importance of staying alive and the reasons why it makes utmost sense to live, the EP further encourages the positivities of keeping on.

Through the well-thought-out lyrics, “Times And SZNs” wishes to change the narrative that hoarding ‘bad energies’ inwardly is supreme.

“When you invest in your emotional health, it helps you to make the days count.

As a new leaf unfolds, a new chapter brings forth greatness and it is time to pick up those stones and turn them into precious jewels.

In everything, there is a season and a time for every aspect of life”, “Time and SZNs” teaches.

The collection of songs is like a maze course that has every song connecting to the other. The combo of chill, calm, collected, and hard-hitting hip hop makes the EP a mixture of bliss and limestones giving peace and encouraging listeners to surgeon.

Songs Titles

1. Page 1
2. Healing
3. No New Friends
4. Manifestation
5. Revelation


This is page 1, a new leaf and a new chapter. This is the phase of positivity, self-motivation, and self-reflection. What we couldn’t accomplish last year; 2024 must be that year. A year to grow, heal, plan, and prepare for the better days.


You cannot transition into the next phase without healing from the past, forgiving, and having a clear heart and mind. Without investing in the inner work, it’s gonna be hard to achieve greater heights.

No New Friends

As we rewrite page 1 and heal. This year, we pause and make no new friends. We have seen the bad ones from afar, this year we are tightening all nuts and bolts. We are keeping our circle close-knit and intentional. Only those who’ve seen and supported the process of building from scratch and have continued to remain solid are locked in.


In the course of everything that’s brought us to where we are: feelings, thoughts, and our beliefs all bring us closer to our physical reality. We have leaned into manifestation and kept our eyes on what’s ahead of us. Greatness and determination from all pages, phases, seasons, and times of our lives have brought us this far.


Every beginning has an end. But on this journey of finding our revelation, we are moving to a different dimension. Revealing and communicating with our inner thoughts. In the book of Revelation, what describes us? It describes that if we do the work required to take care of ourselves with intentionality, and love for self and neighbor; we are setting ourselves up for paradise.

It is the hope that every day you are putting in the work to create a mental, emotional, and physical paradise for yourself to enjoy this Times & SZNS.

Stream, listen, enjoy, and share the “Times and SZNs” EP below.



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