A couple of years back when Uber was no where and Abin W) ha cabs was the best taxis, I joined one to work one morning and the driver’s dial was on 89.9fm Atlantis Radio so I asked the driver why he had not tuned in to any of the political programs that have taken over all the Air waves in the morning.
All he said was that he had a life to live and minding his own business and staying focused was key to his growth and slow music was an essential tool to that growth.
For the first time I had met someone who did not give a Fcuk about our politicians who only come on radio to lie.

Ghana is an interesting country and sometimes you just kind of wonder when we will begin to live a fulfilling life instead of an eventful life.

In other countries after their elections are over they all go back to do their various businesses and return to vote again in the next elections but in Ghana after the elections are over people will continue with the politics looking for event after event for 4years and then go to cast their votes only return back to the same cycle as if we have nothing else to do.

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Sit in every Taxi today and it’s either NPP this or NDC that.

One thing that also baffles me is how we grab one Event with all our soul and move to the next Event with all our might forgetting the previous Event like it never happened.
I don’t know how we got to this stage as a country but due to this deficiency our politicians and society have seen the weakness and are always capitalising on it by creating Events after Events for the masses to follow aimlessly like a mirage.

Let’s just use 3 recent examples of events so we get a clearer picture of our state of mind.

Anas came out with an investigative piece on GFA and Kwesi Nyantakyi was the talk of the day infact a 1 day old child also spoke about it,
then 3 days after that event a 70yrs old man dies in a car after his family sent him to 7 hospitals only to be told No bed. Everyone spoke about it as if we never knew we had such madness at our hospitals.
As I type now everyone has forgotten about it and our focus is now on the World Cup going on in Russia which Ghana is NOT even part of.
I’m not a soothsayer so I can’t tell the next event but I can say without fear or favour that like flies aka Nwansina we will all move to the next sh*t and devour it like our lives depended on it and forget about the world cup.

We could all say there is nothing wrong with such absurdity because it has become part and parcel of us but what it means is that with this attitude we will never develop or grow as a Nation because we dont allow those responsible to follow the issues to the core just because we prejudge every issue in the public court and leave it to nothing.
I can say without any doubt that whatever Anas and his pay masters did for 2years is just a waste of resources due to the way we have become as a people.
The politicians also knowing how quickly we through issues away will also continue to use it against us.

The system of making a fool out of the citizens will only STOP when we begin to think differently for example we understanding that Life is bigger than just an Event.

Secondly, that people are put in charge to make sure issues are dealt with and what we can do is to keep an eye and an ear on them and not necessarily putting all two eyes and two ears on them like we have nothing else to do.

Lastly, we understanding that there is enough space for every event to roll at the same time so that musicians don’t necessarily have to Stop doing Music Promo or programs just because footballers are playing World cup.

We all have different choices so let’s allow all to grow and make meaning out of the bigger picture else we will continue to remain in our shithole which is so unpleasant?.

Let’s enjoy our holiday pondering over it and come out next week growing every part of our lives.