With great pride, Apstairs International Media announces the impending release of “The Groomsmen,” its most recent feature film, to all moviegoers and movie buffs in association with Kornerstonez Production and Crenshaw Limited.

Yaw Skyface’s artistic vision for the film brilliantly captures the complexity of love while appealing to the flaws in human nature to a worldwide audience.

Mark and Maya, who follow their hearts and get married after just four months of dating, embark on a romantic adventure in this one-of-a-kind film, which is brought to life by the quick-witted Ampong Kwaku Kwakye.

What at first glance appears to be a happily ever after dream quickly devolves into a maze of doubt as Mark comes to the realisation that not enough is known about his future spouse.

Starring in The Groomsmen are Adjetey Anang as Mark, Jeffrey Nortey as Darius James Gardiner as John, Kojo Delong as Kofi, Venita Akpofure as Maya, and Baaj Adebule as Dave.