Giovani Caleb
Giovani Caleb

Caleb Elolo Adjomah, popularly known as Giovani Caleb, on screen and on radio — a bespoke gentleman who has been consistent with his career in Showbiz for a decade and half is not just my favourite but the people’s favourite as well. Growing from one phase to another, kindly permit me to put a feather in his cap — he has done extremely well with “Date Rush”.

I’m very sure if any pastor prophesied to Giovani Caleb on December 31st, 2020 that he would be the Host of “Date Rush” he would have laughed his head off and pulled one of his crazy dances to it. But just a week into the new year on January 4, 2021, he got announced as the new host of TV3’s biggest screen Programme.

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Many were the millions of doubting Thomases who thought putting Giovani Caleb in this new stead would flop! The very few days he got announced he had some heavy backlash from patrons of the Programme on social media, especially Twitter. But just after the first episode everyone shut up and the jeers turned into cheers!

Like a nursing mother would care their baby, Giovani Caleb took time to nurture “Date Rush” into Ghana’s most viewed and most patronized television show, currently. The show has grown so big like an overfed monster it has overshadowed all the other programmes on TV3, arguably.

Sponsors for the show kept adding on after succeeding episodes. Giovani handled the show with flamboyance — his witty conversations, rib-tickling dance moves and ability to manage emotions of ‘Date Rush’ participants was quite plausible.

So I got into a brief conversation with Giovani Caleb about his experience about the past 2 seasons and this was what he had to say…

“The experience has been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve hosted different events before but Date Rush feels different. Hosting a Programme that has become this huge is quite honouring. I hopped as the host of the show it was an impromptu call, I was given just a week notice, short I would say, I didn’t really have time for in-depth feedback on the show. The fascinating thing about the whole show was that I had already recorded the entire show before I was publicly outdoored as the new host of the show, that was on January 4, 2021.” — (Giovani Caleb told Elorm Beenie)

The Challenges? Yes, he did have some challenges — there’s no one who excels without having a tint of challenges.

“Yes I knew I was capable, I knew I have been preparing for challenges on the job but this very one came as a big surprise because I wasn’t too sure what people’s reaction would be. In my 14 years career on the job I haven’t done anything as this before so there were mixed feelings. But here we are I’ve hosted Season 4 and Season 5, and for the first time the show went on for 6 months nonstop. Now that the previous seasons are over, I’ve gathered a lot of feedback from people which I’m working with. I can only get better,” he added.

Giovani flawlessly hosted the show and grew it from one phase to another and it’s unquestionably the most viewed Television Show in Ghana pulling millions of eyeballs. Shockingly, one of the weekends, the show pulled more numbers online over President Akufo Addo’s “State Of The Nation Address”.

“Date Rush” is a dating programme where males and females are matched to choose a partner to go on a date with, which may either end in a relationship or not. 5 Seasons so far has been covered with more and exciting Seasons hitting the screens in the next edition.

Giovani Caleb is one of the topmost on air personalities with Media General, owners of TV3, Onua TV, 3fm, Onua fm, and a tall list of other media companies spread across the country. Giovani also doubles as host of Showbiz 360 while steering the rush hour show on 3fm 92.7 as well on week days.