Afropop star, Bosheba de shyne has come out to lend his voice to the issue which surrounded the CNN comment from Moesha, which apparently did not go down well with some section of Ghanaians. The “Vanilla” crooner wants the public to look at the broader picture and take one or two lessons from the entire scenario.

In a brief with this reporter, it was somewhat deduced that this artiste and Moesha could be be in a pretty rather than gritty relationship. His insinuations, bother language all signal as if there was enough water flowing under the bridge; but whatsoever be it, the main point lingers on the fact that, Bosheba de shyne and Moesha’s intimacy is strengthened by an acquisition which is Philia.

“My sweetheart made a harmless statement, which within most of those who have come out to lash her, they know that she didn’t err. Albeit, it is fair that what she said is looked from the angle which suits the moment, circumstances and so much more. Instead of lambasting her, why do we analyse first before drawing conclusions.

But if anything should go by, we can authoritatively say that the chances of these supposedly intimate friends, meeting out there is very high.