Mark Okraku Mantey the CEO for Slip Music has added his voice to the on going debate on PAYOLA.

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He said in a radio discussion this saturday on Adom 106.3 intertainment hall program that radio presenters whose livelihood depended on PAYOLA should learn from sister stations like Joy 99.7fm whose presenters and Djs mostly play Foreign songs. He added that “l don’t remember Michael Jackson or Chris’s Brown ever coming down to pay PAYOLA yet those DJs and Presenters are not dead”.

This comes in the wake of Music Producers mounting pressure on radio station owners to stop their Djs and Presenters from collecting PAYOLA from producers before playing their songs since it is destroying the music business.

On the same program the CEO for Speech Music Production Mr Enock Agyepong in a phone in conversation with the host Mike 2 said that due to PAYOLA nobody is ready to invest in the music business any longer therefore leaving the upcoming musicians to their own faith, he stressed that if nothing is than about this corrupt practice then there will he a total collapse of the industry. Mr Agyepong again urged Ghamro to start collecting royalties from radio stations according to the logging system since no radio station owner would like to pay royalties based on useless PAYOLA songs which will eventually sanitize the airwaves and save the industry from total collapse.