Ghanaian based Nigerian artiste, Sabilo seems not happy with his media experience in the country. 

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According to him, the attitude given to them as upcoming talents by those in the media world is stopping and killing many dreams.

There are a lot of talents in Ghana, even more than in Nigeria, but where are they? You look at the music scene and only few have the attention, you turn to the movie side and only the beauty and the elites are surviving in there, while there are a lot of talents underground. And its unfortunate Some of the leaders in the media are rather the cause to this. Sabilo

Explaining himself, Sabilo says,

he understands that “media” is the work of the media personnel that pays his/her bills, hence, can choose to run their business the way they want but sometimes, they should consider us as up comers and give less expensive packages to meet our standard so we can also be able to break through. The opportunist part is when almost all of them want you to become big before they come supporting you, forgetting the fact that the big musicians that they are following today were once an upcoming musicians. These are some of the reasons why some artists are not respecting some of the media guys in the industry. There are lot of talented boys and girls out there looking for someone to boost their talents, but no one wants to help. They only want to help when their help is no more needed. Nigerians are not exceptional. They are all the same. Sabilo added

Sabilo is currently promoting his latest music video for Wedding Day and he is looking forward to be signed by any record label.

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