Medikal & Uncle Rich

Multiple-Award-winning rapper Medikal has co-signed fast rising star Uncle Rich. 

Uncle Rich, who is fast becoming a fans favourite, has received the biggest endorsement of his career.

Medikal, known for his keen eye of spotting emerging talents, brought Uncle Rich onto the stage midway into his set. The crowd, initially fixated on Medikal’s performance, erupted with excitement at the unexpected twist. Medikal, with a grin, declared, “We got Uncle Rich in the house tonight!” The cheers echoed through the venue as Uncle Rich embraced the moment, stepping into the limelight.

Acknowledging Uncle Rich’s storytelling finesse, Medikal co-signed him on stage, emphasizing the rapper’s unique contribution to the music scene. Together, they performed some of Uncle Rich’s hits, including “Koo” and “Yenda,” captivating the audience with their dynamic chemistry.

The highlight of the night was the surprise drop of the “Dokomi” remix, featuring both Medikal and Tulenkey. This unexpected collaboration left the crowd buzzing, solidifying Uncle Rich’s presence in the spotlight.

In an industry often marked by competition, Medikal’s gesture showcased camaraderie, underscoring the importance of recognizing and uplifting emerging talents. Uncle Rich’s unexpected moment at ‘Planning and Plotting’ became a testament to the unpredictable nature of the music scene, leaving fans eager for the next surprise in this dynamic musical journey.