The work of the VhimCrew is very difficult since we make more enemies than friends and even some of our friends become enemies just because we try our best to correct the ills in our society. Whenever we see anything that will eventually hurt others or an act that can affect anyone happening to someone we try to voice it out before it gets to the point of no return.
Menzgold is a company which was registered in Ghana about 5years ago and their core business was to buy gold from small scale miners and export. Over the years they have moved from that mandate into selling Aurum Utalium ie Abyssinia which is fake gold to their customers.
Infact these customers appended their signatures to Aurum Utalium so let’s try and see if we can get the definition for what they signed.
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“Aurum Utalium is so often used by criminals who distribute the fake “gold offers” for 1,000 of kilograms, sometimes 5,000 kilograms and even in quantities such as 30,000 kilograms.
Because the terminology “Aurum Utalium” does not and cannot represent the true gold, the word was used in courts in some countries, to defend fake gold criminal dealers, as the criminal never offered “Aurum” but “Aurum Utalium” which is the name of the fake and fraudulent yellow, shiny metal, that contained no gold inside and so can’t be convicted”.
They were not only selling Abyssinia but they were also operating a system that was similar to the banking system so upon Bank Of Ghana realizing this they requested that they come in for that licience so they can be allowed to operate but Menzgold said they were not operating under their regulations neither do they operate under any laws of the country so SEC stepped in and asked them to stop operating that aspect which is not being regulated and PAY BACK THEIR CUSTOMERS since we are a country governed by laws and anyone who is not operating under any law cannot operate since this is not the banana republic but then they could still go ahead with the job they registered to do i.e. the buying of gold from small scale miners for export.
For some strange reasons Menzgold shut down their offices and have even stopped the business that they were asked to continue so one will ask whether they were actually buying gold or they were rather selling Abyssinia? Mind you small scale mining had been banned in the country for a year so where was all those monies coming from.
He told his customers that he adds value to his gold and trades them, well I won’t say anything about that but will edge him to continue telling that story to his customers and the Marines.
Now within a year the amount of monies they have spent is close to madness since nobody who has worked hard for his money will throw it away like that unless it is free monies in fact even if monies grew on tress you will never throw them away when you think of the manure and water you used in growing that tree.
Let me try and make a breakdown of some of the investments he made and most of it will center on the music industry since that’s where I belong.

  1. Date: January 2017
    Project: Kumi Guitar
    Amount: 100,000 Dollars plas a car and a 3 bedroom house

  2. Date : 28th June 2017
    Project: Joyce Blessing
    Amount : A house plas undisclosed amount

  3. Date: 2nd June 2018
    Project: Becca
    Amount: Undisclosed | Peacem

  4. Date: 15th June
    Project : Stone
    Amount : Undisclosed amount plas Car and a House | Source GhanaWeb

  5. Date : March 2018
    Project: Becca Launch
    Amount : 4million Dollars

  6. Date: 19th Jan 2018
    Project: Zylofon Fund
    Amount: 1 million Dollars

  7. 28th June 2018
    Project: BET coins
    Amount: 275,000ghc

  8. Date : Oct 2017
    Project: Private Jet
    Amount: 41 million dollars

  9. Date: August 2018
    Project: Menzgold Nigeria show
    Amount: 800,000 dollars

  10. Date:Jan 2018
    Project: Shatta
    Amount: 1.5million dollars and a mansion

I will not talk about how much he paid for the Zylofon radio and Tv License, the theater he was building, his real Estate development and the rest.
If you ask me where did all that monies come from I can only assume that it came from the Depositors Money since if the likes of Asamoah Gyan & co are indeed saving with you for 120% profit a year trust me you can buy 2 private jets within a year.
Now SEC directed Menzgold to pay the Depositors monies back to them and till date not a penny have been paid in fact they have promised, scheduled and rescheduled with timelines and filling of forms and till date like I said not even a penny have been paid.
I personally drove to their Tema branch to go and witness the filling of the forms and I was surprised to see the kind of people who bought the fake gold. Customs officers who have been trained to identify fake products were there in their uniform with all the ropes and stars on their shoulders filling the forms. Soldiers, Civil and Public servants, Bankers, Market women, sakawa and 419 operators and even Pastors were there to fill that forms and the only thing I could see was GREED written all over their faces.
Now here is the problem of the VhimCrew, we have and are still suffering in this country because of irresponsible leaders who mortgage us for loans just to benefit themselves and care less about how the next generation will pay back those loans and those leaders are the ones messing us up big time.
Socrates is suppose to be working with the government yet he is the one spearheading the affairs of this Menzgold illegality. I did an article about it some time back asking that he should be sacked from that government office so he can concentrate on promoting his mission but nobody listened and he has been left to perpetuate conflict of interest under the watch of the President.
Now I was in a group where Socrates is a participant and he sent images which says that Menzgold is now migrating onto an Online platform and it’s free and the only question I asked myself is that why have we allowed all this to happen to ourselves. So instead of looking for the monies to pay the customers you are rather assisting him to find new ways to come and continue Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
I have exited that group since I can’t think far and I can’t also think madness.
Just this October the Times Magazine a very credible Tabloid published that some customers are suing Floyd & Dj Khalid for endorsing a fraudulent crypto currency company that defrauded millions after their SEC zoned in on them but here in Gh we have a government official doing the PRO job of a company that the same government has pronounced illegal and his conscience does not prick him one bit.
My only hope is in that fact that we have a very strong and hard headed President who will do anything possible to make sure the right thing is done and also someone who is virtually impossible to convince with illegalities else like bulldog said he would have collected the 50million and allowed the illegality to continue. I trust the President because for someone who can stand by Free SHS no matter how bad it’s affecting the economy then I know he will see to it that the right thing will be done.
Interpol should be looking for the Twitter man by now so they can help him pay off his customers instead of Socrates & his beneficiaries trying hard to continue Robbing Peter to pay Paul which we are all witness to how such schemes eventually end up.