Mc Flammez

After winning endless streaks of awards in the Togolese music scene with his outstanding hiphop style, Mic Flammez, the Togolese ace rapper has broken grounds in Ghana with his latest single ” Raccourci Moule Paradiso”. To many, the artiste’s first introduction to the Ghanaian music fraternity started with his mega hit song ”The Best” featuring Ghanaian female ”rap cartel”, Eno, where they both abused the beat with constructive and tongue twisting punch lines.

But his aspiration to become a renowned musician which he has now become was nurtured in Ghana where he had his education in his formative years before concentrating on building a career in the neighbouring French Colony of Togo under the record label Pamobar Entertainment. According to the ”Plingo” composer, publicizing Raccourci Moule Pardiso in Ghana is not just a way of breaking into main stream Ghanaian music industry but an opportunity to repair the broken liaison with his first love, and to also win back the heart of the countless fans he left in Ghana in the quest of chasing his dreams.

With the chief aim of wetting the appetite of his Ghanaian audience, he composed Raccourci Moule paradiso, an outstanding hip hop song with masterfully woven lyrics, locked on electrify beat crafted by Kollins Dream-Face. The music carries messages of perseverance, endurance and propels the listeners to take positive actions that will bring their dreams into tangible expressions. To tell vivid and comprehensible story, a breathtaking video, visualizing determination, glamourous lifestyle; street swagger and upliftment was put together by veteran Togolese director Karim Malaika.

Mic_Flammez_–_Raccourci_Moule_Paradisso [DOWNLOAD]