In their latest musical collaboration, Michael Adjetey and Ebenezer Okrah have taken a bold step to address issues in African society. Their new song, titled ‘Change,’ serves as a powerful call to action, urging Africans and Ghanaians to demand accountability from their political leaders. The artists emphasize that the failures of corrupt politicians should not be tolerated or excused, and instead advocate for a collective effort towards positive change.

At a time when corruption and political misconduct continue to hinder progress in many African nations, ‘Change’ serves as a much-needed anthem for disillusioned citizens. Michael Adjetey and Ebenezer Okrah deliver an empowering message, encouraging Africans to take a stand against the rampant corruption that has plagued their societies for far too long. Through their lyrics, the artists emphasize the importance of holding politicians accountable and demanding transparency in governance.

The song ‘Change’ highlights the artists’ frustration with the lack of development and progress resulting from the actions of corrupt politicians. Michael and Ebenezer’s lyrics convey a sense of disappointment, as they express the belief that Africans and Ghanaians deserve better leadership. They emphasize that the failures of politicians should not be an excuse for the stagnation of their countries; instead, it should be a catalyst for change and collective action.

‘Change’ by Michael Adjetey and Ebenezer Okrah serves as a rallying cry for Africans and Ghanaians to address the issue of corruption in their respective countries. Through their powerful lyrics, the artists urge citizens to hold their leaders accountable and work towards achieving a brighter future. This song has the potential to inspire a collective movement towards positive change, empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping the destiny of their nations.

Ebenezer and Michael believe in hard work. However, they also affirm the believe that without God, nothing is impossible. They implore society in general to change from iniquities to holiness, for what shall it profit a man/woman, if you gain the whole world but lose your soul. “Change” is a clarion call for salvation, not only to the politicians, but to all humanity. So, going forward, if we say “OPUTUNUU”, you say “WA MA TSA K3 MI”. We’ve got to change inside y’all. Change MUST Come.


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