Mrs. Michelle Yaa Tenkorang known as Mimie Tenkorang a spirit filled worshipper and prolific songwriter is out with her new project, RENEWED EP.


Mimie is a Christian who fellowships with Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) – Hosanna Temple, Santeo and is married to a wonderful and supportive husband. With her passion for people and music, she grew up in a musical home where her parents’ love for music encouraged her to nurture her God-given gift of singing.


She has had the privilege of singing as a backing vocalist for a number of Gospel Artistes on various platforms including Sonnie Badu when in Ghana 2011. Between the period of 2009 – 2016 she served as a backing vocalist for Joe Mettle and has been greatly impacted by his drive, consistency and zeal for the things of God.


RENEWED EP is a collection of songs by Mimie Tenkorang. Mimie says that all the songs on this EP are God’s words to her and knows that there are people who share her pain and desire. There are people out there who still, for some reason, do not trust God and do not know him. Her desire is that they will experience him and His love which is so beautiful. That they will let Him into their heart, just be still, knowing that no matter the circumstance, He’s in control, He’ll come through for them.

On Saturday 09th of October, Mimie had her EP listening which was graced by friends, family, industry stakeholders and the media

This EP consists of 5 tracks; Be Still, Let Me In, The Name of the Lord, Steadfast Love and Your Presence and this is what Mimie has to say:


“I was at a low point in my life; I felt broken without hope. I felt as though my years of service did not pay off. Why? In an area in my life, I felt God had been unfair to me. I could not feel Him, I could not see Him, but in my moment of despair, I heard Him say, be still, be still, be still. If only you are still, you’d see my hand because I will do it, and all earth will see. That is how I got that song Be still.

In my continuous encounter with Him, I experienced His steadfast love. I realized that His love doesn’t change, no matter my circumstance, no matter where I found myself, no matter what point in my life I was, His love was a constant factor in my life and His (Steadfast love). ”

RENEWED EP is out on all digital music stores. You can buy and stream it now and don’t forget to follow Mimie on all social media platforms.


Mimie Tenkorang – RENEWED EP [Download]