When you make a first hit, they push it aside saying it’s just a stroke of luck…you come back with another chart-bursting track, they call it a

What will you have to say about a young talented dude making hits upon hits?

Coming from the rap mogul, *Mo’ Dela* (who was formerly Hot Ice), is yet another set of dope tracks that will definitely set you dancing

After gracing the top spots of most of the top nigerian websites , with his *I’ll Make It* debut track, he is here dropping “*Into
You*” featuring *L-J Saviour* & *Esseh Andy* and “*Omo Ele*” with *Danny Joe * from his soon-to-drop mixtape.

While “*Into You*” is a cover on Sinzu’s very popular “Carolina” beat (a track which countless music lovers and critics have adjudged to be better
than the real version), “Omo Ele” is another unmatchable (bonus) track where Mo’ Dela was featured by ace producer, Danny Joe.

Download the 2 tracks below, then keep reading for full details of Mo’ Dela’s mixtape that is dropping soonest.
Download “Into You” <> Download “Omo Ele” <>

After his debut single, “I’ll Make It”, Nigerian born – Ghanian based artiste Mo’ Dela is set to drop his first official Mixtape Album titled
J.U.N.E  – Judge Urself Not Everyone.

According to Mo’ Dela, the inspiration for his Mixtape Album is largel drawn from the book of Matthew 7: 1 & 2

This Mixtape, which promises to take over the Ghanaian and Nigerian music airwaves like a storm, consists of various tracks featuring a few highly
skilled and talented artistes like:

1. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. Mo’ Dela – Piece of My Mind.

2. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. Esseh Andy – J.U.N.E (Judge Urslf Not Everyone )

3. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. L-J Saviour & Esseh Andy – Into You.

4. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. Ash, E-Classy & Eric Akan – J.U.N.E. Cypher.

5. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. O’giveR & Dyce – Thank You.

6. J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape ft. Khala & Whalez – Celebration.


7. Danny Joe ft. Mo’ Dela – Omo Ele.

8. Mo’ Dela – I’ll Make It.

9. Mo’ Dela – Ara

10. Mo’ Dela – Wetin Konnect

This Mixtape is being produced by some of the best hands in the industry when music production is the topic of discourse.

Just some of the ace producers who threw in their mad input to place *J.U.N.E Da Mixtape* at the level of “dopeness” it’s operating on, are *O’giveR
,Diaz, X-Beats and Danny Joe*.

In conclusion, here is a piece of advice: *keep your eyes peeled and locked on right here*, as we will be bringing you an *Exclusive Premiere of
J.U.N.E. Da Mixtape* once it drops – you don’t want to miss this one…trust

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