Moxkito - Oyibo x African Man (feat. Kaylo)
Moxkito – Oyibo x African Man (feat. Kaylo)

Moxkito releases his new song titled “Oyibo x African Man” featuring Kaylo. This song sees Moxkito describe the White man called “Oyibo” locally by the people of Nigeria as a forceful human being and has strived to achieve excellence in every way possible in life.

To him, the white man is a goal getter and strives to achieve whether rain or shine. He sees the white man not to be fearful but takes chances in life to achieve greatness.

Both the Whites and the Blacks can relate to this hit song as the other artists, also takes his part to describe the unique nature of the black man and how the whites have taken so much from us to enrich themselves. The song is more of what you will call an argumentative essay, as the music fans and listeners are left to be the best judges between the Whites and the Blacks.