M Set They say  you can never ran away from your talent; and I guess I have lots of reasons to believe that’s a real talk! Music has been part of him and still dwells in him. Mr. M formerly part of Blaq Seude, is bouncing back to music with his new smashing Single titled “Twerk The Body”

The well known TV presenter and Actor tried to put music away for a while and got into full time acting and presenting the nation’s favorite TV show “Hot Source” on crystal TV.

After Blaq Suede parted ways, he started a movement named “Positive Energy” which was established to help bring up the positive hidden talents. Positive Energy is still running and open to all new and upcoming artists who are willing  to take the advantage and let the world hear what they got. Now he is back as a stand alone artist and calls this one his “First Official Single” he is combining all his talents and skills to showcase them on this single. Mr M currently runs a record label named ”Hitz Infinity” and its part of a bigger Family called ”X Family Studios”

This is certainly a big come back for Mr. M… The new single is set to be released before the end of February. Keep your eyes locked here for updates and downloads for his new smashing hit single! You don’t wanna miss this!! Where the ladies at??? Twerk That Body To This!!!