Mr S
Mr S


Ghanaian artist MR. S has just dropped a new EP titled ‘AKWAABA’ and it has been making waves in the music industry. The EP features five songs including ‘Body Fire’, ‘Ur Love’ featuring Cabum, ‘Let me know’ featuring V2G, ‘Go Low’ and ‘Me ndaadawo’ featuring Amerado.

One standout song on the EP is ‘Ur Love’ featuring Cabum, which has been gaining traction on radio stations and streaming platforms. Another song to look out for is ‘Me ndaadawo’ featuring Amerado, which showcases MR. S’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

Production credit for ‘AKWAABA’ goes to O Music, Jay Beat, Harpsi Beat, and Ital Music, who have perfectly complemented MR. S’s vision for the EP. The combination of top-notch production and MR. S’s raw talent has resulted in a cohesive and impressive body of work that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. With its blend of Afrobeats, dancehall, and hip-hop influences, ‘AKWAABA’ is a testament to MR. S’s ability to push boundaries and create music that transcends genres.

‘AKWAABA’ is a strong offering from MR. S and a testament to his growth and evolution as an artist. The EP is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles.

With its infectious beats and catchy hooks, ‘AKWAABA’ is bound to be a hit among fans of African music and beyond. Check out the songs below :