R2Bees - Odo After news broke that Okuraseni Samuel of Mentor fame was accusing Ghanaian music duet, R2Bees for copying his style in their single, ‘Odo’ which was released on July 23, 2012, the half part of the duo, Paedae also spoke on the issue indicating that he does not know who he (Okuraseni) talk of his looks and neither have they heard any of his songs, rather he has been told, he is claiming his brother, Mugeez stole his style.


This song actually came out as a surprise with everyone asking the same question… R2Bees doing hi-life? But in this business of music, one needs to be versatile and that’s what the music group did.


But come to think of it, why is Mugeez not adding his voice to the issue at hand or it’s their management’s decision to keep him away from all this brouhaha about whose voice he mimed or whose style he copied.


Scratch Magazine, in an phone interview with Okuraseni Samuel lamented that he actually didn’t want to go further with the issue but from the look of things the truth needs to be told, ‘‘the voice you hear in the song is mine, ‘Odo’ is a nice track and it has my spirit in it so whether they accept the truth or not, I have my spirit and voice in there.’’


‘‘Initially, Mugeez was called Gorgormi when he started singing in Samini’s camp before branding himself as Mugeez when he and Paedae became pair, R2Bees but now he is part of my clan called the Nkurasesem Clan which will soon be and that simply means he really admires my style besides whiles I was participating on Mentor, he was home watching me sing’’, he revealed.


When asked if Paedae, the half of part of the duo is aware of Mugeez being a part of his Clan, he motioned that we verify that from him in person, ‘‘I can speak for him, but just as a lot of people would want to be like Kojo Antwi, DL among others, it’s clear that Mugeez wants to be like me also though he is not the only person and I am happy to know that people really admire what I do.’’


Furthermore, he uncovered that quite a number of radio personalities have been calling him for ‘Payola’ to the song and ‘‘I keep asking myself, why these professionals would still call me even when Mugeez voice has been tagged to the song if that really isn’t mine?’’


On his take on whether the duo really doesn’t know him nor heard his songs before, Okuraseni Samuel refuted indicating that both the duo and he have met before but as where and number of times they have met he didn’t say.


However, he urged that the duo’s manager, Ike Ato Arhin once met with him at Accra Mall to discuss some undisclosed issues with him as well as over a concert they also had to perform in Finland some time ago, ‘‘I still have the invitation from Afro Multi Cultural, a Finland Event Organizing Company which includes both the duo’s full names as well as mine that we were billed to perform during their carnival dubbed ‘Finnish Africa Music and Art festival’ but it’s all good.’’


On what he has been up to since he went into hiding for some time until now, he noted that he has been working on couple of projects with his clan, Nkurasesem Clan and will soon be out with yet another heart thrilling song for his fans titled ‘Dunsia baayiwa’ meaning 16 years old girl which features Kofi Nti.

By: Ama Larbie