Muse Africa

P A R T I C I P A T Eis a non-partisan multi-layered social advocacy campaign that seeks to engage the attention of young people between ages 18-34 years drawing on the star power of music, television, radio & events topresent the general elections as COOL as it can be andmake acompelling case for young people to act, to choose or lose out on choosing the leaders they believe in.

The campaign was created to tackle thechallenge of LACK OF INTEREST IN ELECTORAL AFFAIRS, GOVERNANCE & POLITICS by young people in Ghana. PARTICIPATE is aimed at creating dedicated spaces for progressive engagement of the youth on issues of national importance that matter to them most and connect to the political process in ways that resonate with their worldview. The campaign was created & will be executed by UN+TE the youth marketing & experiential division of MUSE AFRICA.


MUSE has since July 2015, been the most engaging and compelling URBANMUSIC, CULTURE AND LIFESTYLE platform on TV delivering compelling music and entertainment to its mostly younger audiences every day on Viasat 1, JoyPrime& via its website www.museafrica .com &other multiple platforms, from social media, mobile and live events. MUSE can also be seen in Tanzania on TV1. The brand is set to launch in Rwanda and some Francophone countries later in the year. Follow Muse on twitter @muse_africa, @museafrica on Instagram and Snapchat. Like the facebook fanpage MUSE AFRICA.