It’s seem the duo are not ready to cower down anytime soon when it come to the best of their music capabilities. Rumor mile alleged that there was a separation between Toffi and Tymless as a result of the Ghana – Naija rift.
We chanced on an artwork which presumed there is a new single coming from the duo and we drew closer to the team to ask a few questions. Are the SwitzBoiz still a group? “We have been in this music business together and we will not stop doing what we do best. Our music talent has been the selling point and we will keep projecting it always. Africa has great talents and we the SwitzBoiz will always make this known to every corner of this world” was the response we received.
“You Say Wait” is the new single which they will be releasing on the 17th of November and word has it that the song comes along with a video as well.
The Christmas festivities is just here and surely this banger will be among the jams for the party during the celebrations. You will not want to be the last to listen to this one. Keep your ears and eyes ready for something crazy.
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